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Veterinary Drug Licensing

At R-S-S, we have a vast range of experience in animal health and veterinary drug licensing. From study design to market authorisation, our experts help solve the unique and complex challenges  our clients face through veterinary drug licensing. Our team has provided consultancy across all phases of veterinary clinical trials and veterinary market and technology assessment. 

Our familiarity with national and European regulations helps us understand the importance and difference between human drug development and veterinary drug development. We understand how to coordinate across differing markets and disease areas. R-S-S brings its years of experience from those who have had first-hand experience working in major health regulatory agencies for Veterinary Medicines e.g. VMS, EMA, FDA. Our team will be there to support and offer guidance every step of the way in your journey of research, product development and product deployment.

Areas of Expertise​

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  • Veterinary Clinical Studies

  • Veterinary Market & Technology Assessment

  • Veterinary Regulatory Consultancy & Services

  • Veterinary Drug Licensing Strategy

  • Companion Animal Medicine

  • Food Production Animal Medicine

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