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Regulatory Health Economic & Market Access Services

At R-S-S, our HTA experts are equipped to deal with the ever changing regulatory and reimbursement environment. We understand how to coordinate across differing markets and disease areas. Our health economics and health technology assessment teams are exceptional and have had a great success rate in all projects undertaken by R-S-S. With innovation at our core, R-S-S can help you achieve market access for your product through our commitment to quality and teamwork. 

Our team will be there to support and offer guidance every step of the way in your journey of research, product development and product deployment. R-S-S brings its years of experience from those who have had first-hand experience working in major reimbursement agencies (e.g. NICE, IQWiG, PBAC, CADTH, CESP, SNS, EUnetHTA) to help solve the unique and complex challenges and requirements clients face throughout the reimbursement process.

Areas of Expertise​


Regulatory Support

  • Model Strategy & Design

  • Systematic Reviews

  • Training & Courses

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HTA & Reimbursement

  • HTA & Reimbursement Submissions 

  • Post Submission Reports

  • Real World Evidence Generation

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Health Economics

  • Health Economic Modelling

  • Survival Extrapolation

  • Mapping EQ-5D

  • Statistical Programming for Health Economic Modelling

  • Budget Impact Modelling

  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis

  • Indirect Comparisons / MAIC

We also offer tailor made training packages to professionals in industry. Please visit our training & courses page to learn more.

Do you have any questions about your clinical trial design, protocol, or data? Ask our experts for their input or guidance. We are happy to help.

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