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Decision Making for Reimbursement and

Sample Size Software

We plan to launch our free software which can assist researchers and academics to calculate sample sizes for early and late phase clinical trials as well as trials with a cost-effectiveness component. We intend to launch our service in the year 2024.  

Once subscribed, you will have free access to the following resources listed below


Sample Size for Cost Effectiveness

This tool can help you calculate the sample size needed for a clinical trial where cost effectiveness is also taken into consideration as an objective. It can identify whether the sample size is sufficient to achieve a reasonably high chance of demonstrating cost effectiveness using Bayesian and Frequentist statistics.


Conditional Power for Cost Effectiveness

This tool can help you to determine the chance of the new treatment being cost effective at the end of the trial based on the available interim data collected.


Sample Size using Value of Information (VOI)

This tool will allow you to identify how much further information is required to be collected to identify a change in the decision towards the expected net benefit.


Please subscribe below to our waiting list for free access when we launch

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